Clearwater-Commercial Overview

Reduce Chlorine Use up to 75%
Enjoy Crystal Clear Water
Purifying Water the Way Nature Intended
Looking for a pool purification system to handle your swimming pool algae problem? From movie stars to world-famous waterparks, our unique Clearwater Pool System has allowed commercial pool operators to safely reduce their chlorine use dramatically for the past 25 years. Chlorine is a carcinogen and is dangerous. Our system is a chlorine alternative. Now your guests can truly enjoy swimming in the pool without that nasty chlorine residue. No more complaints of chlorine allergy. The bottom line is, nobody likes chlorine!

The savings in maintenance and chemical expense alone will pay for the system itself in no time at all.

The water clarity will remain clean despite heavy swimmer loads. The ionization system provides long-term, non-toxic purification while preventing against recontamination. Our mineral ionizer and ozone for swimming pools is the closest thing to non-chlorine pool systems as there is, period.
Contact one of our commercial specialists to see how ScaleBlaster can improve your efficiency and help decrease operating costs.