Clearwater-Residential FAQ

How difficult is it to install the system?

A pool service company or an experienced professional with plumbing and electrical experience is recommended for the installation of the Clearwater Pool System.   In most cases, the installation can be completed in under two hours.  The tools required can be found in the installation manuals for all of our models on this website.

How do I know the system is working?

The ionization systems include a test kit to read the proper ion levels in the pool.  The ozone systems do not have a way of testing output in the pool, but you can visually inspect the ozone effect through a viewing window in the Venturi, which is included with the system.  Another way of knowing the system is working is the amazing clarity of the water!

Are copper and silver ions safe?

The amount of copper allowed in drinking water in the USA is about 7-8 times more than what our system produces.  Our metabolism actually requires copper in our daily diet. Silver has been used by dentists for fillings and has been commonplace in tableware, water purification filters and in coins for thousands of years.

Is the ozone safe?

Yes. Any ozone produced by our system does all of the disinfection action in the Venturi – located at the pool equipment.  By the time the water gets back to the pool water, it has totally dissipated.

Will I ever have to use chlorine again?

Yes, but this is the closest thing you can get to a chemical free swimming pool.  Some chlorine is still needed to oxidize the water on occasion.  With our system, you can cut back use up to 95% in residential pools and up to 75% in commercial pools.

What is the electrical consumption?

The electrical consumption depends on the number of hours the system is running, the model number and your rate, but generally it will be under $10 a year.

Will I ever have to replace anything with the system?

Yes. The electrodes will need to be replaced in the ionization system approximately every two to seven years in residential pools depending on the length of pool season, water temperature, size of pool, etc.   The ozone unit will need the hoses and check valves replaced yearly.  Both replacements are relatively inexpensive and only take a few minutes of time to replace.

How difficult is it to take care of pool with the system?

Taking care of the pool will become much easier as far chemical use and balancing the pool is concerned.  However, the pH still needs to be balanced weekly, the baskets emptied, the filter cleaned, etc.  This is not a hands-free system – nor will there ever be one.

Can I eliminate my pool service company?

If you know nothing about pools, nor have the time, you may want to keep them.  Chemical distribution and pool water chemistry is just one of the jobs they do.

I already have a chlorine-free pool. Why would I need your system?

There is no such thing as a chlorine-free swimming pool.  Anybody or any company who advertises this is deceiving the public. Pool water chlorine alternatives such as the Clearwater Pool System are the closest thing you can get to a chlorine-free swimming pool.  Some people confuse a salt pool system with being a chemical free pool, but it actually generates chlorine on the premises!   Our system offers a salt-free pool.

Will this system save me money?

Yes, it will save you a lot of money in many areas.  You will save hundreds of dollars a year on chlorine alone.  If you have a salt system (people often confuse this as being a pool chlorine alternative), the Clearwater Pool System will save you on purchasing bags of salt and adding conditioner.  Pool equipment will last longer due to less chlorine damage.  This includes filters, pumps, pool vacuums, covers, vinyl liners, hoses and solar equipment.