Clearwater-Residential Benefits

Crystal Clear Water

You will be amazed at the clarity of the water. Once you swim in a “Clearwater” Pool you will never go back into a chlorinated-only pool!  This is the closest thing to chlorine free water treatment as possible!

Healthy for your Family

By greatly reducing chlorine in the pool, you virtually eliminate swimming pool shock and chlorine tablets while protecting your family from the dangers of chlorine.  Trihalomethanes, a by-product of chlorine are a proven carcinogen and have been linked to cancer.  Chlorine absorbs through your skin and is dangerous.

Money Saving

Your investment is quickly recovered by greatly reducing chlorine products like algicides, shock, bags of salt and conditioner.  Your pool and spa equipment such as vinyl liners, hoses, pool covers and vacuum cleaners will last much longer due to reduced chlorine use.   The Clearwater Pool System is the closest thing to a salt free swimming pool and a chlorine alternative pool possible.

Time Saving

Forget about the busy chore of chlorinating and pool and spa monitoring.   Your pool or spa will no longer be a part-time job!  No more trips to the pool store lifting of heavy bags of salt and dumping it in the pool.

3 - Year Warranty

All of our models carry a 3-year warranty and are designed to last many years.