Clearwater-Residential History of Ionization

The MineralPURE system incorporates technology that was actually discovered thousands of years ago and has been used in various applications.

Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper.

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians kept their water in silver containers to prevent contamination.

Early American Pioneers

Early American pioneers moving west across the continent put copper and silver coins in large wooden water casks to provide them with safe drinking water during their long voyage. When the wagons rolled, the agitation rolled, thus causing the coins to discharge ions (an electrically charged particle) into the water. The copper ions help control algae while the silver ions help control bacteria and viruses.

Middle Ages

During the plague-ridden Middle Ages, mothers knew to place a silver spoon in an infant’s mouth to ward off disease.


SilverSilver sulfadiazine is the most widely used antibacterial treatment for burns or open wounds. Many people die from severe burns because of lack of bacteria treatment.


dentistsDentists have used silver to fill cavities for decades because of its strong antibacterial features.

NASA’s Apollo Missions

NASA scientists capitalized on this knowledge and developed an ionization system for the Apollo spacecraft’s in the 1960s. They needed a way to supply safe drinking water for the crew on their long missions to the moon without using chorine. Be sure to check out “NASA Connection” for more details.
Benefit from the Wisdom of Centuries

In 1990, Clearwater Enviro Technologies utilized technology that had been around for thousands of years and developed a purification system that could be applied to any size or body of water – including swimming pools and spas. Now, nearly 3 decades later, hundreds of thousands of pool owners are enjoying the Clearwater Pool System including many Wet’n’Wild across America.