Clearwater-Residential Overview

Reduce Chlorine Use up to 75%
Enjoy Crystal Clear Water
Purifying Water the Way Nature Intended
Looking for an alternative to chlorine pools?  From movie star dolphins and world-famous waterparks to backyard swimming pools, our unique Clearwater Pool System has safely reduced swimming pool chlorine use dramatically for the past 25 years. Chlorine is a carcinogen and is dangerous.  The bottom line is, nobody likes chlorine!

Now you can truly enjoy swimming without that nasty chlorine residue.  Why mess around with a pool sanitizer like chlorine tablets for swimming pool algae control or having a salt pool when there is a much better pool treatment option.

Taking care of your pool will no longer be a part-time job.

The savings in maintenance and chemical expense alone will pay for the system itself in no time at all.  Once you swim in a pool purified by the Clearwater Pool System you will never want to go back in a chlorinated-only pool again.  The water will be so clear you won’t believe it!  This is the closest thing to a chlorine free swimming pool as possible.
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