Scale Blaster - Industrial Sizing a Unit

It is important to properly size your unit to ensure optimal performance.

Before ordering any commercial ScaleBlaster unit, please speak with your dealer to determine the properly sized model required and the location of the installation. Factors we need to know include:

• Pipe size in diameter
• Type of pipe – PVC, copper, galvanized, steel, ductile iron
• Water hardness in gpg or ppm
• Flow rate of the water
• Application ScaleBlaster will be implemented
• Is the water one-shot or recycled water?
Model Number Non-Magnetic
(PVC/Copper, etc.)
Pipe Size (dia.)
Pipe Size (dia.)
Pipe Size (dia.)
SB-1200 12″ 3" 6″
SB-2000 20″ 8″ 14″
SB-2800 28″ 10″ 20″
SB-3600 36″ 12″ 24″
SB-4000 40″ 16″ 26″