Scale Blaster - Industrial Wastewater Treatment Applications

Wastewater treatment plants can experience numerous benefits by using ScaleBlaster. In addition, tremendous savings in chemical use and in labor can be realized. There are several applications within the industry where ScaleBlaster is effective.

 Lime or Soda Ash Treatment

Soda ash is the most commonly used treatment for a low pH reading in a wastewater stream. It is inexpensive, safe and able to be released without EPA concern. Soda ash is raw, uninhibited scale, by nature. Slurry pumps used to push the lime slurry into the water stream are subject to lime scale buildup. The ScaleBlaster System placed on the suction side of the pumps will prevent scale deposition on the pumps.

Chlorine Injection Pumps / Pump Deposits

The chlorine lines and pumps that are used to feed chlorine into the treatment stream become full of lime scale deposits and must be cleaned. ScaleBlaster will keep scale particles suspended in solution and off of the pump surfaces.

Resin Bed Calcification

The ScaleBlaster System will keep the calcium carbonate ions in solution, preventing the calcification of the resin bed and the formation of channels in the bed that lead to ineffective treatment.

Polymer Systems

Potential reduction of polymer usage and increased dewatering capabilities

Effluent System

The ScaleBlaster System will protect the discharge line, keeping it free of lime scale caused by heavy concentrations of the calcium carbonate.

Sensors & Instrumentation

The ScaleBlaster System benefits sensors, probes and control valves. Calcium particles remain suspended in solution and will not leave deposits on vital measuring equipment.

Mixing Tank

Using lime to treat high pH water or soda ash to treat low pH water can present some of the greatest scale control challenges in the industry. The lime or soda ash is mixed with water to form a slurry and then is pumped into the water to be treated. The mixing tank is prone to scale deposition on the sides and the mixing propeller gets scale buildup, too. The ScaleBlaster System can treat the water to be mixed and will keep the tank sides and propeller clear of lime scale buildup.

Sodium Bisulfite Line

ScaleBlaster will prevent calcium coming out of solution and plugging up the sodium bisulfite lines used to remove chlorine and control pH levels.


ScaleBlaster forms soft sludge instead of hard lime scale for decreased cleaning frequency and easier removal.

Sodium Hypochlorite Line

ScaleBlaster will remove limescale formation in the chemical feed lines and allow for optimal flow rates throughout the disinfection system from the injector to the contact basin.

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues and the “going green” movement in the World today is a more important issue than ever before. ScaleBlaster is the ideal environmental product.

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