Scale Blaster - Industrial Overview

No Salt
No Chemicals
No Filters
No Maintenance
Hard water and scaling are major problems for the industrial industry. Until now, the only reliable solutions were chemicals, scale inhibitors or expensive water softener systems. ScaleBlaster offers you a maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly alternative.

ScaleBlaster is an electronic descaling system that is installed on the water line. It does not require cutting into the pipe and is non-invasive. It provides year-round water conditioning and lime scale buildup prevention and removal.  Industries trust ScaleBlaster for water conditioning while enjoying the benefits of saving on overall operating and maintenance costs.

• Preventing scale accumulation
• Reducing downtime and maintenance
• Chemical free
• Reduction in corrosion
• Increasing cycles of concentration (water savings)
• Control of algae and bacteria
• Decreases need for water purifiers, water filters and water filtration devices
• Tremendous energy savings
• Extends life of capital equipment
• Improves efficiency
• Environmentally friendly
Contact one of our commercial specialists to see how ScaleBlaster can improve your efficiency and help decrease operating costs.