Scale Blaster - Commercial Water Softener/ Chemical Comparision

There have been two basic ways to combat hard water and limescale formation issues in commercial industries.
Water Softeners

Water softeners waste a lot of water, are costly to maintain and discharge brine into our water stream — polluting our environment.


Chemicals are costly to use and are a never ending reoccurring expense.  They are hazardous to store and discharging chemicals has become an increasing EPA concern.  Companies worldwide are looking for a less expensive, and environmentally-friendly alternative.  ScaleBlaster is the solution.
Water Softeners vs ScaleBlaster® Water Conditioner
Water Softeners
Expensive to purchase & maintain
Requires continuous maintenance
Takes up lots of floor space
Requires continuous purchasing of salt
Intrusive to the water
Increases water & sewer bills greatly
Discharges chlorides into waste stream
ScaleBlaster® Water Conditioner
Affordable, one-time investment
Never requires maintenance
Mounts on a wall
Requires no salt or chemicals
Non-intrusive to the water
Does not require any additional water usage
Environmentally “green” product