Scale Blaster - Commercial Overview

No Salt
No Chemicals
No Filters
No Maintenance
All commercial buildings can fall victim to hard water damage from limescale formation. Virtually any piping system or equipment that comes in contact with hard water is subject to corrosion and destruction. ScaleBlaster can solve these issues without the need of a water softener, salt or extensive chemical use, and with no maintenance.

Prior to ScaleBlaster water conditioner, there were two basic options to control hard water issues: continuously using hazardous chemicals, or investing in a water softener. In an era of environmental awareness, those traditional methods are simply “outdated.”

Since 1995, our commercial models have been used by Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, condominium and apartment complexes, dry cleaners, universities, hotels, water parks and various other industries throughout 70 counties.

• Affordable, one-time investment
• No maintenance
• Easily mounts on a wall
• Reduced downtime
• Requires no salt or chemicals
• Non-intrusive to the water
• Does not require any additional water usage
• Eco-friendly
• Made in the USA
Contact one of our commercial specialists to see how ScaleBlaster can improve your efficiency and help decrease operating costs.