Scale Blaster - Residential Water Softener Comparision

For nearly 100 years, water softeners and chemicals have been perceived as the only way to treat hard water. Unfortunately, these methods have obvious drawbacks. Water softeners replace calcium with salt. They waste water and discharge hazardous brine into our water systems. ScaleBlaster allows calcium to remain in the water, which is beneficial for the human body. Why would you want to remove it?

Water softeners also add a significant amount of salt to the water, so they are not ideal for people on reduced or sodium free diets. And, due to environmental concerns, cities like Santa Clarita & Fillmore, California have banned water softener discharges into the water stream.
Water Softeners vs ScaleBlaster® Water Conditioner
Water Softeners
Expensive to purchase & maintain
Requires continuous maintenance
Takes up lots of floor space
Requires continuous purchasing of salt
Harmful for people on salt restricted diets
Intrusive to the water
Increases water & sewer bills greatly
Discharges chlorides into waste stream
Makes skin feel dry
Makes water feel slippery
Soap suds difficult to remove
ScaleBlaster® Water Conditioner
Affordable, one-time investment
Never requires maintenance
Mounts on a wall
Requires no salt or chemicals
Safe for people on salt restricted diets
Non-intrusive to the water
Does not require any additional water usage
Environmentally “green” product
Makes skin feel softer
Makes water feel “silkier”
Soap suds wash away easily
Eco-friendly ~ Salt and Chemical free

Imagine dumping a 40-pound bag of salt into the nearest lake, river or aquifer.  That is exactly what happens when you use a salt-based water softener because salt discharged by softeners is not removed by wastewater treatment facilities.  As result, it recycles right back into our water stream.

Conserve Water Usage

Unlike many hard water solutions, ScaleBlaster requires no additional water to operate, nor require any maintenance or filter changes. Water softener waste lots of water every day.  In many areas of the United States water shortages are a huge environmental concern.

The Heathy Alternative

ScaleBlaster is the healthy alternative.  Your metabolism requires calcium.  Water softeners remove all the calcium from the water.