Our Passion

Our Passion

SB EnviroTech is a Go Green solution provider of chemical and maintenance free electronic water conditioner and ionizer from USA to remove and prevent mineral scale deposits and sanitizing water.

Our focus is on providing solution to reduce carbon footprint on the environment, save water and save energy for small households and businesses to large commercial and industrial corporations.

Our passion belongs to people and the environment. We have a dream, together with our most valued partners to make a change for a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

SB EnviroTech has more than 10 years of combined experience in implementing our ecofriendly solution to our customers cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers, evaporative condensers, heat pumps, chill rollers, boilers etc. With these implementations, we successfully help our happy and satisfied customers to save energy, increased productivity, reduced down-time, lessen maintenance and save water in their daily operations.


We are committed to the provision of superior products, service and results.


We make decisions based on what is right for our community, clients and stakeholders.


We uphold a working environment based on mutual respect for all members of our community.


We value people at every level who lead by example, take pride in what they do and inspire others.


We place a premium on teamwork - collaboration underpins our success.